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Mi Babe High Quality U Shape Toothbrush For Kids, Toddlers

Mi Babe High Quality U Shape Toothbrush For Kids, Toddlers

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  • The Handle Is Comfortable To Hold And Grip; Your Kids Are Easy To Clean Their Teeth By Themselves.
  • age:
  • Small: 2-6 Years Old
  • Large: 6-12 Years Old
  • The DEEPSEA Mi babe U-Shaped Brush Can Effectively Remove Dirt From The Surface Of The Teeth, Between The Teeth And The Gingival Crevices.
  • They Can Effectively Remove Plaque And Prevent Caries, Making Teeth White.
  • Simple Design With Beautiful Color, Ensure Its Popularity Among Kids.
  • Portable And Lightweight, Easy To Carry To Where You Need.
  • Bright Color And Comfortable Experience, Let Your Kids Fall In Love With Brushing Their Teeth.
  • It Can Effectively Prevent Dental Caries And Let Your Baby Have Good Teeth.
  • Perfect For Kids Teeth Profile, Comfortable And Safe.
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